Stoa -300

In the philosophical metropolis Athens, the heart of the first school of the Stoa begins to beat. Her first principal is Zeno of Citium, born in a city of Cyprus. Around 314 BC, he was a young merchant in Athens. Like many Athenians, he is interested in philosophy and he ist influenced by these philosophers:

  • The cynic Crates of Thebes
  • Stilpo, a philosopher of the Megarian school (founded by Euclid of Megara). He was a contemporary of Theophrastus, Diodorus Cronus, and Crates of Thebes
  • The academicians Xenocrates and Polemon.

Finally, around the year 300, Zeno of  Citium founded his own philosophical school in a colorful colonnade. In Greek, this means „stoa poikile“, and from this place the name of this philosophical school was derived.